The Event ‘Paint the Parks & Gardens REaD’ was part of the National “Paint the town REaD” program, encouraging children between the ages of 0-5 to overcome the lack of pre-school education by motivating communities across Australia to read, talk, sing and rhyme with their children so they’re ready to learn to read and write at school.

This event was held at The Parks Recreational Centre, in Angle Park, in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

During the evening, there were many childhood songs and rhymes that drifted out into the RRT tent and the team unconsciously found themselves tapping their feet and humming along. It all made for a very lively evening.

The attendance was great! It was advertised to the young families that there was a FREE family BBQ, children’s entertainment, and giveaways. RRT are very pleased to have been the successful providers of this BBQ. From when the party started at 5pm until it was wrapped up at 7pm, it was clear this service was appreciated as a total of 500 sausages, 300 patties, 15kg onion and 30 loaves of bread were devoured!! No leftovers at all!

I think the parents and children would have continued happily singing along, and those on the RRT team happily serving food long into the night if it hadn’t been for the soccer team that rolled along to start their training in the same venue.

Great effort by all involved – very well organized event!

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