A fire broke out at a computer repair centre around 6:30PM on Tuesday November 18 at a computer repair centre called “RepairTech” on Kineton Road Industrial Estate in Southam.

The Warwickshire Fire & Rescue were called very quickly, and the first tender to get to the fire was from Southam, and the officer in charge sent some of his crew into the building to see if they could control the fire. Very soon he realised that it was spiralling out of control, so requested another 4 fire engines join him as soon as possible. The fire engines started arriving very quickly, but within only a few more minutes the commander then reported back requesting to increase the fire engines to 8 in total as well as the platform vehicle and The Incident Support Unit. At the height of the incident, 10 crews were attending from Atherstone, Leamington, Bedworth, West Midlands and Kenilworth.

A nearby factory that was running its usual night shift was forced to close due to the smoke.

The Leamington RRT received a call shortly after 8:30PM saying the crews at Southam would appreciate the support that RRT can offer. The RRT got to the scene and were setting up just after 9:00PM and straight away, many fire men & women came to the marquee for coffee & biscuits.

The RRT served hot & cold drinks as well as light refreshments, then at around midnight 20 pizzas were served to the fire crews. Some of the crews had come on shift at 8:00AM that morning and were due to go off shift when they got called out to this fire around 7:00PM so a slice or two of hot pizza was greatly appreciated!

Around 1:00AM relief crews were starting to arrive from Alcester and Bidford, and by 2:00AM all original crews had left the scene and relief crews were now running the incident. The RRT served refreshments to the relief crews, then pulled out around 2:30AM.

The Smoke rises high above the incident The Fire can clearly be seen by the glow in the top old window hole and the door below Blue lights, water and hoses everywhere Smashed windows provide access to fight the fire The RRT tent in use Tea, Coffee, Biscuits & Crisps




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