The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) has donated 428 tons of livestock pellets to farmers financially affected by the drought in Cobar & Warren NSW.

Since August 2019, RRT has hosted six Farmers Community Connect events, donating more than 1,000 tons of livestock pellets to farmers in Tullamore, Nymagee, Condobolin and Narrabri.

Ron Arkcoll, RRT Chairman from RRT said Christian values of care and compassion motivated them to help farmers across drought-stricken NSW.

“Today’s Farmers Community Connect is about bringing together both farmers and the community to have a bite to eat, a chat with mates and support each other through some tough times,” Mr. Arckoll said.

“Today was truly a team effort with vital support from Government and community services coming together to make today’s event possible.

“Our journey across the state to deliver feed for livestock and support for farmers and their families has been a humble one, and a real eye-opener to the goodness found in the power of community.”

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