The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) has collaborated with NZ based hotel supply company, Beyond Skin Deep and the Bibles and Gospel Trust in the UK to break down this barrier for people living in poverty by donating and delivering recycled soap and bibles to people in Africa.



Each year thousands of tonnes of usable soap from hotels end up in landfill. Beyond Skin Deep has joined forces with hotels across New Zealand to curb this gap by ensuring used soap doesn’t end up in landfill, but instead ends up in the hands of people who need it most. The soap is initially collected from hotels, then sent to a specialist facility that cleans and filters them, and finally shreds, heats and refines to create new hygienic bars for distribution.

The process also saves and reuses the boxes that the soaps arrive in, making it a complete zero-waste process. To learn more about Beyond Skin Deep, visit


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