While Melbourne residents remain in isolation, volunteers from the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) have headed out to support people by delivering RRT Food Boxes. To date, RRT volunteers have delivered 1,827 Food Boxes to Victorians in crisis through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Food Boxes provide relief and, virtual hugs during this monotonous time. “Such a great help so far I got. I really appreciate this, and I can’t even type this message I am so surprised. It was amazing including all the things I need in a situation like this. I am so lucky to have a good box like this.” Ms. Basnayake, VIC resident said.

RRT’s Food Boxes have brought light into people’s families with Tharanga, a mum from Victoria, saying “My kids love to eat chocolate, biscuits, chips, muesli bars and milk. Every other food item is very important item. This food helped my family diet. Thank you so much, you all helped.”

Receiving over 2,900 Food Box requests, the team have curated and delivered each box with care and compassion. Ms. Shrestha, a recipient of a Food Box, was relieved to have one less thing to worry about during turbulent times. “I just received a beautiful package. So well managed with every little thing from breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was touched by a card- ‘when everything fails, there’s always GOD’ Thank you very much, I can at least go 2 or more weeks without worrying about food.”

RRT are delighted to help during these troubling times and make isolation a little easier for residents in Victoria.

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