On the 3rd of October 2019, Rapid Relief Team AU ran the Livestock Pellet Drop event at Nymagee. All-day breakfast was provided to those coming to collect their bag of pellets and some also received the RRT ‘Family Food Box’.
RRT’s Food Box contains a variety of non-perishable long-life food to help relieve immediate pressure for an individual or family in crisis, allowing them to focus, pull through the crisis, and make a positive effort towards normality.
Paul and Sheena Geppert from Restdown Station were among these recipients and their 4 young children were delighted to tear open the box and see what goodies were inside. The Geppert Family has 43,000 acres and currently only 1,200 sheep which like many others also affected by the current drought is a lot less than usual.
We are glad to be able to do what we can to assist those in crisis throughout Central Western NSW; bringing hope and Joy where it’s needed most!

Hi will, Thank you so much for yesterday! It was very generous of you all to donate your time towards helping others in need.                                                                                                      -Sheena Geppert

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