Multiple Sclerosis (MS), the silent disease that affects the central nervous system of an estimated 2.3 million persons globally, is one of the diseases that science is yet to find a cure for. There are a number of medications which slow the effects and make day to day life manageable, but there is no cure at this time.

The Johnson MS Bike Ride Event.

The 180 kilometre Johnson MS Bike Tour, from Leduc to Camrose Alberta, is one of the longest standing MS bike events in Canada, spanning over 2 days, with over 2000 riders from all ethnic backgrounds. Raising over 1.7 million dollars, it is also one of the most profitable events dedicated towards a cure for MS in Canada. The huge event takes hundreds of volunteers to manage it, including set up of route, first aid for injured bikers, water and repair stations at the checkpoints along the way, and persons to help serve and prepare the hot meal after the ride is complete on day one.

The RRT rest stop at Checkpoint 2.

When RRT found out about the Johnson MS Bike Tour, they immediately volunteered to help with water and rest check stations, as well as assisting with the serving and clean-up of the meal after the day had been completed. After RRT grouped their team of volunteers together, they were assigned Checkpoint 2, which was stationed 10 kilometres outside Leduc.

The riders enjoying a hot meal after the long ride.

As the rain poured down and the wind picked up, bikers pedalled hard through the storm and persevered until they got to the RRT station where they were refreshed with water bottles, fresh fruit, and positive attitude! They then continued throughout the day in the rain until they got to the Camrose regional Exhibition Centre, where they were welcomed to come in out of the cold and thaw out!

The weary riders helping themselves to dinner at the self-serve stations.

The second RRT crew helped set up a dinner for the 2,035 bikers and made sure all the tables were well stocked with a hearty meal of roast beef and potatoes. This meal was an important part of helping the bikers recuperate and prepare for the second part of their tour on day two.

RRT Members on Clean-up Duty

RRT was glad to provide the assistance to the MS organizers and help combat this debilitating disease which affects so many persons globally. The RRT volunteers are looking forward to helping again next time!

Positive feedback from the organisers!

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