On 23 April 2014 around 5.00pm RRT was alerted that a 16 year old boy was missing in Wentworth Falls Lake in the Blue Mountains. The teenager had been fishing with his younger brother, and whilst attempting to retrieve a fish that was snagged he slipped into the water and got into difficulties.

Tragically, despite the best efforts of his brother and another fisherman, the teenager was unable to be rescued, and became lost in the water.

Local police established a search operation including SES crews and police rescue team.

Police requested further search crews to assist in the search, and at approx. 6.00pm a helicopter was used to complete an air search of the lake. SES and Police also completed a detailed search of the area on foot, and in small watercraft

As soon as RRT became aware of this local tragedy, contact was made with the Duty officer on scene who gladly accepted the offer of refreshments to the search team and family.

Hot drinks and hot food

As the daylight soon faded and the temperature dropped, the brave rescue team continued the search despite deteriorating conditions. RRT quickly established at the scene, close to the command post at approx. 7.00pm provided hot food and tea and coffee to search teams and those at the scene, approx. 9.00pm Police Divers from Sydney joined the search operation. Shortly after 10.30pm the divers located the boy some distance from the shore. Refreshments were available until the search operation concluded at approx. 12.00pm

This tragedy has deeply affected the community and RRT was grateful for the opportunity to provide the required assistance to the rescue effort and substance to the affected family and friends.

Following this tragedy, RRT is working with the local authorities to install lifesaving devices to the lake which serves as a great venue for a range of recreational purposes with in the local community.

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