Dear Ben and team,

Once again, thank you so much for supporting our Caroline Bay Hop and Rock. Without ongoing support such as yours we would not be able to hold such a successful event.

We measure the success of our event not just by the money that we raise but by the number of people that turn up in support of cruises and of course The Gala Day and the feedback that we get from the public. This year we had an amazing turnout and as usual we had great feedback and the most exciting part is we raised a phenomenal $130,000 which will go to the care of South Canterbury patients and their families.

The coffee and burgers are delicious and incredibly popular, everyone really appreciates the food and the service. Our volunteers just raved over the burgers and thought it was wonderful having them delivered to them. Thanks so much to you and your team.

We hope that the event was a success for the Rapid Relief Team, and that you had a good chance to promote your involvement. We would appreciate any feedback.

Once again, thank you for your support, we love your community spirit.

Kind Regards,

Jeanna Munro


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