The RRT Family Food Box is an
alternative way that Police Officers can help bring in relief to families in

As the cost of day-to-day living continues to increase, everyday necessitates such as food are often gone without. Situations regularly arise due to a lack of money in the household to provide food for the children.

The Family Food Box contains a selection of nutritious and healthy food items to provide enough food to feed a family for 1-2 days.

Last week, Lower South Regional Team Leader, Campbell Watt made the third delivery of Food Boxes to Christchurch Police. RRT donate Family Food Boxes to various Police stations throughout New Zealand, and these are handed to vulnerable families in times of desperate need.

An additional 30 Family Food Boxes delivered, February 2020
An additional 30 Family Food Boxes delivered, February 2020

Following the successful delivery of 72 food boxes in months prior, the Christchurch police have discovered an ongoing need in the community for food in both poverty and crisis situations. Having one of Cookies Food Boxes on hand has provided a real benefit, helping relief the person or situation involved and also the officer.

Family Protection Team Detective, Nathan Lean commented that ‘people are very grateful‘ and that by providing a Family Food Box ‘it takes the pressure off them particularly if they have had to move out of home due to the relationship ending’.

Other comments Detective Nathan has conveyed from appreciative clients:

On one occasion we have been involved with a relocated person.  We were able to give a  food parcel to the person who took her in.   She said that this will take the pressure off and make things easier for the transition.

A woman was very grateful for the parcel as she had no food and had to pack quickly as she was moving address. 

A lady was extremely grateful.  She has a 12 year old autistic son as well with many financial pressures. 

Another client was thankful for the parcel. She is staying with a friend. She has financial pressures.  The parcel made her child happy to see the treats inside. 

Today we visited a High Risk family violence victim who was struggling.  She was very happy to receive assistance.  

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