Every day there are thousands of kiwi kids living with ill health, and disabilities. Unfortunately, these children don’t always get the opportunity to be invited to parties.

This was exactly why Special Extravaganzas were created.  Event Manager, Aidan Balsham and his team have been putting on magical events throughout New Zealand since 2005.

RRT volunteers from New Plymouth were pleased, once again, to be included in this years Special Children’s Extravaganza event. Of course – bringing countless smiles to the faces of littlies – of which many call it “the best day of their lives.”

What better way to be included than to feed these cherished ones. 10 volunteers cooked up a sizzling storm of BBQ burgers, sausages and bread and a special mention of the mouth melting cookies. Also on the menu, we couldn’t forget – five plus a day – there were fruit options galore!

This annual event is a fun-filled day where children and parents can connect with other families like themselves, relax and know that they are not alone.

These little humans are strong fighters in our society. Kids will be kids, they want to get out and have fun and its these little fighters that need it the most!

It’s the small things that make a huge difference and perhaps the biggest memories in their lives.


"Keep it up little kiwis – We love being part of such a great and worthy event and look forward to seeing you back again next year."

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