On Saturday the 24th of November, the rain poured down but that didn’t deter Santa and his entourage of helpers (including elves, Batman, Cinderella, Superman, Tinkerbell and many other cartoon characters) arriving at Mystery Creek to surprise and delight 1600 of the Waikato’s most special children at the Special Children’s Christmas Party!

A day buzzing with colorful characters which added great excitement to the day.

Micky mouse joins in, keeping refreshed with chilled water from RRT.

For the fourth year, the Hamilton Rapid Relief Team were called on to provide lunch – a free service – to the children and their care-givers at this invite-only event. This involved 38 RRT volunteers BBQing and serving 2000 Sausages in bread with bacon & onion, handing out 1100 bottles of chilled RRT water and making 500 coffees. The crowd were very receptive of the tasty food and refreshing drinks, with some appreciative attendees making the effort to personally thank RRT volunteers for their efforts.

RRT volunteers busy at work, keeping the crowd well fed and watered!

“This is our first time here with our 4 kids and we’re really enjoying it. Its well laid out and you’re so organised! It’s also so good to have people walking around handing us out drinks” – Jason.

“I think it’s amazing, you’ve made it an incredible day. RRT is a logistical gem… very impressive” -Stacey, MCE manager.
“You guys have raised the standard of sausage sizzles; the food wouldn’t be possible and up to this level without RRT’s input. That’s it. Plain & simple. Our staff haven’t been able to leave their posts, so I’ve just come to your team here and put my food order in and you’ve delivered.” SCCP volunteer.

A smile travels a long way. 

“Your amazing, absolutely amazing. Wished I’d found the coffee guys ages ago! Such great service, and a great friendly environment. Well done to everyone. Thank you.” – (Name withheld.)

Hot drinks were a welcome site to the adults and children alike! Hot chocolates were a winner! 

“My girl is a diabetic and needed to sit down to eat and drink something quite quickly. I had a few special requests but the guy in the white RRT hat was just so accommodating.” (name withheld)

“I thank your team a lot. I nearly didn’t come today because I’ve just had surgery in my mouth, so I wasn’t sure what I was going to eat and drink, but your people served me cooler food and put more milk in my coffee! They didn’t make me feel stupid, they were so accommodating to my children’s special needs and my requests. I’m very happy with your customer service. Yes, very happy. You are lifesavers. That’s what I told those coffee boys… I said you boys are lifesavers! I’m so glad I came today.” – (name withheld)

Coffee boys hard at work!

A delighted attendee enjoying a freshly brewed coffee.

Life can be rough for children that are sick, disadvantaged and disabled and for the unsung heroes that care for these kids. The Hamilton @Rapid Relief team sincerely hopes that they gave these special children and their carers a happy day that they will never forget!

Anyone for chilled water? 

Behind the scenes, the BBQ is cranking full steam. 

A little butterfly adds yet another colorful face to the crowd 

Chilled water was sure a welcomed treat by all. 



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