“Did the pies help you today?”. “Yes, the pies have made me feel very full and now I am ready to learn.”

Taranaki Careers Expo is a non-profit charity event spanning 2 days. Groups exhibit their career opportunities in order to make the public and students aware of their options and plan ahead in life. This is especially beneficial for students as it assists in building them up for the future, by providing a chance to talk to people from the industry and get real life advice, as well as takeways to read and a point of contact to go back to.

RRT came back to the Expo again this year to welcome the attendees on Monday 19th August, which included students from every high school in the region, with a free hot pie and bottle of water. This little bit of warmth to start the day off was hugely appreciated by over 2300 students, teachers, and exhibitors alike.

MP Jonathan Young said he thought it was the best year the Expo has had so far, with 81 stalls present. Exhibitors ranged from universities to cadets to McDonald’s, with Witt beauty section and the Defence Force stand seeming to be the most popular.

A representative from the defence force said the day was giving the students “that confidence to say, ‘hey look I can actually do this,’ and then giving it a go.”

The students found it was a great day to meet new people and learn about new opportunities. Many of them had real excitement on their faces as they carried away information pamphlets.

RRT was grateful to have this opportunity to help encourage the young potential of Taranaki to make good career choices; as the Careers Expo team told us; “a pie is a great thing for young people!”


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