The Newtown Rotary Club had organized a ‘big Rough Sleep Out’ to raise awareness and funds for charities who support persons made homeless and those who have to sleep rough every night. The funds raised will be split between local and international organizations including Shelterbox, Newtown Foodbank, Ponthafren Association, The Wallich and others.

A group of 30 spent the night sleeping (or not) in a cardboard city that was set up in the grounds of the NPTC College. It turned out to be a beautiful starlit night but like all nights it did get a bit cold. After an evening of local entertainment, the group settled down in their cardboard boxes. The local Rotarians patrolled the area, making sure everyone was ok and suppling endless cups of tea and coffee to the participants.


RRT set up a marquee the evening before and provided tables, cups and water for the local scout team to use through the night.

At 6am, the local RRT team arrived with their equipment and set up to serve the group a hot breakfast. The breakfast was well received by the ‘rough sleepers’ and they all enjoyed their hot bacon rolls.


‘A welcome breakfast was supplied by the Newtown branch of Rapid Relief Team UK. This well-organized team of helpers is more used to feeding disaster relief workers in the field but they cheerfully fed us all before we went on our way’ County Times.

Neil Grant, organizer, said ‘I only had to have two conversations with the RRT, they arrived and everything just happened. I didn’t have to give it a thought. They arrived at 6, by 7 they were serving breakfast and by 8:15 the site was cleared and you wouldn’t have known we had been there’.

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