August in 60 Seconds is here! Watch the video below to see how volunteers around the United Kingdom have been supporting local communities and emergency services, all while showcasing the behind-the-scenes of the Smarrt Bar.


A total of 16,355 meals were served, 30 events attended, and 320 volunteers helped us to reach these figures!


We had the exciting opportunity to take a sneak peek into the making of our Smarrt Cookie Bar. These bars are more than just a snack, they’re a symbol of hope, aimed at fighting hunger in primary school-aged children. As part of the Early Bird Learning Program, these bars are helping ensure that every child can reach their full potential in school.


At Northampton, our volunteers were on a mission, serving up an incredible 2,000 meals at the Emergency Services Fun Day in Daventry. This event was a perfect blend of learning and excitement. Where the Emergency Services were giving everyone a close-up look at what they do.


In Kilmarnock, we supported the National Play Day. A whole day dedicated to recognizing the incredible importance of a child’s right to play, where we proudly served 5,000 meals at Kay Park.


At Grimsby, we supported the ‘Nee Naw’ event serving 1,000 meals. This event gave the community a wonderful opportunity to connect with the public services who tirelessly work to keep our country safe.


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