During the early hours of Thursday morning, the Swansea RRT team received calls from the fire command centre in Bridgend requesting assistance with a major incident.

130 emergency service workers were on the scene and needed food and drink to sustain them during long shifts.  The RRT was on location by 06:00 and breakfast was being served by 07:00.  Over 500 rashers of bacon were served during the morning as teams finished their shifts or took breaks.  Burgers were then served from 13:00 to 18:00 to Fire Crew, Police, Ambulance workers, Network Rail staff and Natural Resources Wales representatives to name just a few.

The service provided by the Rapid Relief Team was deemed “very valuable” by route director Bill Kelly from Network Rail.  The coordination and teamwork provided by the RRT enabled hot food and drink to be available at the disaster scene very rapidly.

At 18:00 Fire Command were satisfied that the issue was under control so they could reduce their presence and the RRT were able to conclude their service.

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