Great childhood memories usually stem from moments of excitement, enjoyment, and the general state of nonchalance that comes with being a child.

The fun we experience when we play with parents and peers alike has even been proven to enrich young minds and enhance cognitive development. Research shows that play helps not only with social skills and regulating emotions, but also with language, math and even managing stress.

And that’s exactly why RRT were delighted to support the National Playday – an event which takes place each year at Kay Park, Kilmarnock, giving children the opportunity to participate in a vast range of activities for free. Its one of the biggest free play events in the country and possibly the continent! We provided 5,000 meals and refreshments to smiling faces, and the very positive feedback only made it all the more worthwhile.

There’s also a chance that RRT’s hot dogs will be part of those happy childhood memories in years to come!


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