RRT was glad to spread some cheer by serving a hot breakfast to all participants of the Middlesbrough CEO Sleepout. On Thursday 20th May, 40 CEO’s came together to sleep rough for one night in Middlesbrough Town Hall & Alnwick Gardens, and by sleeping rough in the miserable weather, they collectively raised over £12,417 for CEO Sleepout.

CEO Sleepout aims to fight poverty and homelessness across the UK by asking big hearted bosses to give up their warm bed for one night to raise funds for someone who doesn’t have one and has raised £2.8 million for charities working hard to tackle homelessness in cities across the UK. The charity was formed in December 2013 by Andy Preston after two successful sleep-out events.

CEO Sleepout says “Standing in solidarity with people who are homeless in their area, to date, more than 3800 executives have raised £2.8m, providing over 100 charities with the funds to change countless lives. A huge thank you to Rapid Relief Team (RRT), fantastic breakfast as always!”

RRT is thrilled to be helping this amazing organisation in their fight to end homelssness in the UK and looks forward to serving at future Sleepout Events around the UK!

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