We all experience barriers in life. Whether it be lack of time, skill, knowledge, or confidence – barriers can hold us back from fulfilling our true potential.

But to some young people born into socio economic deprived backgrounds, those barriers can be even more significant. Limitations such as lack of support, opportunities, money, or education can stifle chances of advancement. Life can become an arduous mountain climb, with the main goal being survival, allowing for little or no creativity outside of that.

However, it’s true that talent doesn’t pick its students. Some of the most talented people society has known would be the first to say that they are living proof that it doesn’t matter your background – creativity is something that can be fostered in anyone.

Given that one of RRT’s pillars of support is youth, we were grateful to be able to support the Newtownabbey Arts and Culture Network (NACN) – a youth organisation funded by the National Lottery who empower young people from deprived backgrounds to get involved in the performing arts, through creative and innovative industries.

RRT helped fuel the passion and creativity of the young people at the NACN’s summer event in Belfast by providing burger meals and refreshments. We were grateful to be part of such an inspirational event – for we understand how important it is for young people to be given a chance at channelling their inner creativity. It may be a much-needed outlet for some, and to others a steppingstone into something bigger.

We look forward to continuing our support for the NACN, and the young people of Newtownabbey!

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