05:00hrs 25.07.18
Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue Service (MAWWFRS) called upon the services of Newtown RRT to attend a Hotel Fire in Aberystwyth. A blaze had broken out unexpectedly at 02:00hrs in the hotel, spreading to the hotel next door and was spreading very quickly. Over 100 firefighters were at the scene and had been working hard for the past 3 hours.

12 guests from the Ty Belgrave House Hotel where the blaze had started, and more from the hotel next door were evacuated while the MAWWFRS got the fire under control. Some guests had to be rescued off the roof using the aerial ladder platform. The guests from both hotels were transferred to a nearby location where they were cared for by Red Cross volunteers. Local supermarkets donated clothing and food to the victims. Damage was extensive and the building was deemed structurally unsafe for entry afterwards.

The RRT team from Newtown gathered their equipment together and headed off to the Aberystwyth seafront (an hour’s drive away) where they were able to set up their marquees and set up a serving area. Cold refreshments- of which Tesco kindly donated £50 towards- and hot drinks were served to the fire crew from 08:00hrs. By 11:00hrs, the fire had been extinguished and crews were moving away from the scene. Refreshments were left at the scene for the remaining firefighters.

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