On December 3rd 2022, Conrad (Pictured) lost his mother in the early morning due to a sudden rupture. The whole family were devasted by her loss. Conrad’s mother was a kind, generous soul who would do anything for anyone.

Conrad, as a student, was unprepared for the high cost of a funeral service, let alone the loss of his only parent, he also must now find a new home because he had previously lived with his mother in a council tenant, owned by her.

Conrad’s auntie knew of RRT and the Food Boxes we donate to help families and individuals in need, so she reached out and we gifted Conrad a Food Box to help him through these tough times.

The family started a GoFundMe for Conrad to raise money for the funeral costs, which kindly was supported and may people donated.

"Conrad said thank you and that he appreciates it, the RRT box will help with a little less to think about sorting while he's suddenly got so much to deal with now."

Received by Conrad's auntie.

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