On June 28 2015, RRT volunteers assisted at a Tour De Cure Event in Cleveland OH. This event involved catering for a 100 mile bike ride in support of the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

The RRT Team positioned volunteers at the start/finish line in downtown Cleveland, and also at two RRT refreshment tents farther west of the city. Those who were situated downtown were responsible for signing in the riders of the event as well as event set-up/clean-up. The other two booths handed out water, Gatorade, bananas and other nutritional snacks for the participants. A bike repair tent was also set up at each of the two RRT booths, to assist with efficiently repairing participators bikes as required. Throughout the day, all of the volunteers cheered on the riders as they pedalled for the cause.

The volunteers were motivated to see so many riders helping to support the fight against Diabetes. One thing that amazed them is that even though many of these participants were suffering with this chronic disease, they rode on with determination, not allowing themselves to be slowed down for anything.

The ADA is an incredible association that is very committed to educating the public on the fight against diabetes and supporting those who are living with the disease. The ADA is ranked highly in the most popular non-profit organizations across America. This specific Tour De Cure event was held in 44 states across the nation in an effort to prevent, treat, and cure Diabetes.

The Rapid Relief Team looks forward to supporting the ADA in their events. Through complete volunteer work and dedication, the RRT team will also lend a helping hand to many other associations globally, for the strengthening of communities across the world.

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