On August 9, 2015  twenty RRT volunteers arrived at Marymoor Park, in Redmond, Washington to support the Obliteride 2015 Bicycle Ride for Cancer Research fundraising. This event was organized by the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center, who is the leader for Cancer Research in the Pacific Northwest.

The 1,175 riders had a choice of five different routes when they registered for the event. The 10 mile ride was perfect for families and was estimated at a 1hr route. The 25 mile ride was a breezy pedal along the lakeside for approximately 2-1/2hrs. The 50 mile ride was considered a good workout around the South Lake and Mercer Island and estimated at a 5hr route. The 100 mile ride was a challenge with a total elevation gain of 4,419ft and was estimated to take 8.5hrs. Last but not least the 150 mile ride consisted of beautiful views, a challenging terrain and estimated to take 12 hrs including an overnight stop. A total of over 60,000 miles were pedalled this year, raising over $1.9 million in donations.

The RRT volunteers assisted at a rest stop along the 100 Mile route. This rest stop was a chance for the tired riders to have some water, energy drinks, food, bicycle repair service, and medical attention, as well as live music provided by a local band. Due to the hot, sunny weather, the tents and chairs provided a welcome respite for the cyclists.

A few of the first riders to arrive at the rest stop were intent on completing the route as quickly as possible, so they stopped just long enough to re-hydrate. Most of the other 300 riders took advantage of the facilities and made their way through the tents, where they were provided with the refreshments and a shady spot to sit and rest.

Throughout the event, many of the riders’ jerseys and bicycles displayed the names and faces of their loved ones who were cancer victims. It was a poignant reminder of the toll that cancer takes on human lives. The RRT volunteers were grateful for the chance to participate in such a successful fundraiser in the search to find a cure for cancer.

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