On the warm morning of August 15th, twenty two RRT volunteers from the local teams in Neche and Pembina arrived at Great Northern Bicycle in Fargo, North Dakota. Here is where the Start/Finish of the 2015 Sanford Health Bike ride for MS would take place. Over 115 bikers were going to ride between 17 and 80 miles to raise funds to find a cure for MS.  Due to the extreme heat, the century ride (100 miles) was cancelled.  RRT quickly were put to work by the MS event coordinators to start unfolding tents, setting up tables, and helping get the first group of riders on their way.

After the first group of riders were on their way, three teams of volunteers were dispatched to three of the six rest stops along the trail to refresh the weary riders.  The rest stops offered cold water bottles, cool damps washcloths, fresh fruit kabobs, granola bars, and other refreshments but most of all a healthy dose of moral support for every rider.  By early afternoon, temperatures had rose close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the riders were increasingly thankful for the rest stops.

Because of the high heat index, many riders were forced to finish early and were taken the rest of the ride by emergency vehicles.  Volunteers responded quickly to provide an additional cool water stop that was needed to keep the riders hydrated.Meanwhile at the finish line, every participant that completed the ride was awarded with a medal.  The riders were then provided with a catered lunch and a place to rest. Among many other unforgettable events that day, one of the volunteers rescued a tent that had blown onto the train tracks near by. Thankfully no trains were approaching!

As the riders finished the course, the volunteers returned to the finish line to help the MS Event Organizers with the final clean up.  All tables, chairs, tents and refreshments were cleaned up and RRT left the event at 4:15 p.m.

It was another successful event that provided the much needed funds to help persons afflicted with MS and to find a cure for this devastating disease.  Thank you for letting us positively touch the lives of so many people that day!

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