On May 21, 2016, the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) from Redwood Falls was privileged to assist the Minnesota Special Olympics at a local track and field event.

A View of The Event Grounds.

The Special Olympics Minnesota offers children and adults with disabilities year-round sports training and competition. It is a global movement of people creating a world of inclusion where every single person is accepted regardless of ability or disability. Through sports, the athletes see themselves for their abilities not disabilities, and their world is opened up as they become more confident and empowered by their accomplishments.

RRT Volunteers Supporting the Athletes Around The Track. Runners Take Off At The Sound Of The Gun Shot.

Twelve volunteers came to help make the day a success for the athletes, coaches, and family members. There was a great deal to be done and the RRT Volunteers quickly got in the groove of things and had a great time helping out.  RRT was tasked with assisting the Special Olympics team of volunteers with setup, as well as managing the staging of athletes and handing out of awards.

The Wheelchair Slalom.

From a 10 meter walk to an 800 meter run to a wheelchair slalom, the volunteers found it was exciting to keep up with all the events and keep the athletes motivated!

An Athlete Putting His All Into The Run.

The day went smoothly from beginning to end and due to the efficient staging, the event finished almost two hours early. The Special Olympics Minnesota again proved that with proper instruction and encouragement, people with intellectual disabilities can benefit from participating in individual and team sports.

Assisting The First Place Winner To Her Position On The Podium. RRT Volunteer presenting an award to an athlete.

The Special Olympics team was overjoyed with the performance of RRT and their willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. The RRT Volunteers really enjoyed the day and were glad they had an opportunity to show their support!

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