On October 31st 2015 volunteers from the Rapid Relief Team of Indianapolis, Indiana assisted at the “Making Strides of Indianapolis Event”. The American Cancer Society hosted this event at the Military Park in downtown Indianapolis. The funds raised from this event go towards ground-breaking breast cancer research, life-saving education and critical patient services.

Walkers gathering at the start line for the Opening Ceremony

More than 2500 participants took part on the day, including survivors, patients, caregivers and supporters. Each walker had their own story about cancer, some of whom had lost a loved one or some who had fought their own battle with cancer.

The “Making Strides of Indianapolis” Event Signs The RRT Refreshments Tent

The event began at 7:30am, as lines began to form at the registration tent. At 8:30am, the crowds made their way to the starting line for the opening ceremony. This ceremony inspired and motivated participants to take action and symbolized the commitment that no one will ever face this disease alone. Soon after, the walk began and the sea of pink made its way across the start line. At the finish line, entertainment was provided for everyone so they could have the chance to rest and enjoy a show together.

People waiting to be served a coffee or hot apple cider

The 5K walk was made up of a few non-competitive, three to five mile routes, giving both the young and elderly an opportunity to participate. Whether the walkers found the routes to be challenging or whether they were just out on another daily stroll, they all came to the RRT tent with a smile! Many commented on how thankful they were that RRT provided hot drinks on such a cold crisp Saturday morning.

RRT Volunteers pausing for a quick group photo

The American Cancer Society was beyond thankful for the support and assistance of the RRT Volunteers. They mentioned that it would have taken them two hours longer to clean up after the event without the help of RRT. One of the Event Coordinators knew of RRT in Australia and was so glad she had the opportunity to have RRT help at their event here in the United States.

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