On August 27, 2015, The Rapid Relief Teams (RRT) from both Pembina and Neche USA were on demand! The FM Rotary Ride of Fargo, ND contacted RRT to ask for support for their Bike Ride Fundraising Event. RRT volunteers had assisted at two previous bike ride events in Fargo during the summer, and it being a small western town, word of willing help spreads fast.

Start/Finish Line with the RRT Tent.

The FM Rotary Ride Foundation raises funds for people living with Down Syndrome. The proceeds from this ride directly benefited the FM Miracle Field, Gigi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Center and the Agassiz Universal Playground. All three of these projects are located within the Fargo – Moorhead Community. The FM Rotary Foundation is working tirelessly to create a more inclusive and barrier-free environment for children with all types of physical and development disabilities to play and engage with family and friends.

No one was left out of the Bike Ride!

With two weeks to prepare for the event, RRT pulled together 21 volunteers, the necessary gear, supplies and refreshments needed to service the start/finish line as well as three different rest stops along the route. RRT volunteers also provided traffic control at three of the intersections throughout the course.

RRT Traffic Control. Handing out refreshments at the finish line.

The FM Rotary Ride, AKA the Flatlander Event, is a ride across the flat Northern Plains and is made up of three different courses. The Miracle Ride is a 10 mile course, great for families and folks with city bikes and beginner handcyclers. The Sabin/Rustad Loop is a 30 mile trek, perfect for friends and family riding multi-speed road bicycles. The Comstock Loop is a 45 mile journey for cycling enthusiasts who regularly ride or are training for a longer fall ride.

The weather conditions that day were perfect for a long bike ride, not being too hot or cold. The wind also seemed to be blowing in all the right direction to help propel the bikers along. Everyone enjoyed the awesome day!


One of the RRT Rest Stops. Mission Accomplished!

RRT was overjoyed to have the opportunity to help FM Rotary Ride accomplish their mission. There was no doubt that the efforts by the RRT volunteers were much appreciated. THANK YOU Everyone!


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