The Ride for the Rescue fundraiser benefiting the Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries (KARM) on Aug 15th went very well. KARM is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to serving the poor and homeless in the Knoxville, TN area. This ride was arranged by West Cycles, located in Farragut, TN and the proceeds go towards helping feed, clothe and shelter the homeless.

RRT assisted in the event by providing a Rest Stop with beverages and refreshments in a beautiful location beside the Melton Hill Dam. The RRT Volunteers arrived early and despite an initial downpour of rain, they were able to get set up just before the 50 mile riders began arriving. These riders were lucky in staying relatively dry during their ride up to that point. However when the 70 mile riders arrived, they were thoroughly soaked yet there spirits seemed un-dampened!

There were four routes that made up the event, all including beautiful views of the Mountain Terrains. Riders participating in the 72 mile route experienced challenging climbs and fast descents. The 50 mile route also included challenges with a shorter ride. The 30 mile route was the most popular and finally the 4-10 mile ride was created for family and friends who wanted to participate in the event by enjoying a perfect family bike ride.

The RRT Volunteers thoroughly enjoyed helping participants get refreshments and they were very appreciative to the RRT volunteers! We were impressed with the age range of the riders we saw from quite young riders to a gentleman who was 85 years old doing the 70 mile ride!

When the ride was complete, there was pizza and refreshments for all. RRT is very grateful for the opportunity to help and support in such a worthy fundraiser.

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