A cure for Diabetes?  The American Diabetes Association is onto it!!  This association has set up the Tour De Cure Nation-Wide to raise money for research to find the cure for Diabetes.

On June 13th, 2015 Tour De Cure launched one it its many Tours in Fargo, ND.  Tour De Cure organized four different rides for the bikers.  The longest and most challenging ride was the 100 mile ride and this ride went all the way to Harwood, ND and back.  The remaining riders took on the 65 mile, 35 mile, and 7 mile challenge. The excited riders arrived already dressed in their biking gear and ready to go. Some of these were the Red Riders, who are the participants with the disease. Around 100 bikers in total came to support this event.

Preparation and set up for the event started around 5am that day. An hour and a half later the event directors announced the rides and blew their whistles to start the rides. The 100 mile ride left at 6:30 am with the remaining rides following throughout the morning. All rides were completed by 4pm.

Tour De Cure had four Rest Stop Stations set up along the way for the riders.  These stops provided a good place to rest and stretch their tired muscles along the route. Each stop had a few volunteers at each station to hand out the refreshments and cheer the riders on towards the finish line!

Volunteers from the Rapid Relief Teams in Pembina and Neche ND, offered to help and support at this event by bringing tents, tables, chairs, water bottles, large pickles in a bag (to help prevent muscle cramping), fruit kebobs, granola Bars, wet wash cloths for the riders as they reached the rest stops.

The day ended with festivities & a meal served by Tour De Cure to all riders and supporting groups of this event. RRT would like to express their gratitude for the opportunity to work along side such a influential cause. We look forward to working with you again!

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