Londonderry RRT was pleased to help out at the annual House in the Wells Christmas BBQ on the 4th December 2015. The event was part of Homeless Awareness Week and was organised by the Civic Homelessness Forum and the Derry Civic Alcohol Forum.

RRT Londonderry Supports House in Wells Annual Christmas BBQ

The House in the Wells provides accommodation for homeless people with addiction issues. It provides an invaluable service to the community and RRT were glad to help out by providing a hearty BBQ lunch and live music. This was enjoyed by all residents at the home as well as residents from other shelters throughout the city. The event was also enjoyed by staff and volunteers who help homeless persons.

RRT Londonderry Supports House in Wells Annual Christmas BBQ-2

Sandra Duffy works for First Housing, an organisation that provides help and support to the homeless and those who are in acute housing need.

“Such services as the House in the Wells and the people they serve are an important part of this community,” said Sandra.

“The annual BBQ is a good event as it gives all of the different agencies and groups the chance to come together under one roof,” she said.

RRT Londonderry Supports House in Wells Annual Christmas BBQ-3

RRT set up barbecues on site and provided refreshments for all including burgers, cookies, chocolates and hot or colds drinks.

Meanwhile a five-piece band provided a variety of live background music throughout the event.


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