Riding Develops Abilities (RDA) Victoria is an organization that enables individuals with a variety of disabilities, ages and backgrounds to develop independence, a sense of freedom and to reach their equestrian goals, through adaptive coaching techniques and equipment.

It is a grass-root, volunteer-based organization which has 38 centres, 1200 riders and 1100 volunteers across Victoria, which has offered their services for over 40 years. As a not-for-profit organization, the RDA relies heavily on government grants and charitable fund-raising initiatives to maintain equipment and cover operating costs.

Accordingly, the Berwick RRT is proud to have organized and coordinated a proactive fund-raising event in support of this good cause with a sausage sizzle!

Bad weather can’t stop Berwick RRT!

This event was particularly focused on raising funds for the RDA Doveton branch, who need to raise $3500 for 40 new riding helmets which are due to be replaced by law in January 2016.

Hundreds of sausages were sold

The sausage sizzle was held on Saturday 31st of October, and in spite of grim weather forecasts and ominous clouds above, the team headed out to set up by 9am sharp. Seven challenging but rewarding hours later, the RRT had overcome extensive periods of heavy rain and sold hundreds of snags! As sales were winding up, Roger Lord (Treasurer from the RDA) arrived with his wife to view the event and collect the funds raised – the final hand over amount was $856.25!

Some Halloween Revellers turned up to try the fare

An outstanding success for the RDA and Berwick RRT who would also like to extend a special thanks to those who made donations via the RRT small-change collection boxes at the stand.

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