The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) are ever ready to support social causes. On the 10th of October, RRT Brisbane volunteers spent their Saturday supporting the families of Australian Defence Force men and women who have sacrificed their lives and health as a result of their service.  

Hosted by Legacy Brisbane, the Canungra Combat Challenge (C3)is a 7km specialised obstacle course designed by current serving members of the Australian Defence Force. The course tested participants physical and mental endurance as they pushed through a range of obstacles, bush trails and soldier exercises. 

Raising over an incredible $100,000 for widows, children and families who have lost loved ones RRT volunteers encouraged and motivated participants as they raced towards the finish line.  

Serving one meal at a timeRRT volunteers provided a much needed boost of energy, water and food to participants after the challenge.  

RRT is honoured and privileged to support this terrific initiative. Whope to strengthen and support many more families in the future to grow and thrive through the wonderful work of Legacy.  

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