The Mystery Creek Special Children’s Christmas Party was the 6th event in a series of unforgettable Christmas parties held throughout New Zealand during 2015 for disabled and disadvantaged children. Families traveled in from all areas of Waikato and some from Rotorua and beyond for the day. Many local businesses had pledged their support though generous sponsorship to help Mark Wikstrom and his team bring this special event together. The RRT team was privileged to be given the responsibility of providing hot lunch for all children invited and their families, no small task with up to 3000 people expected to attend!

RRT serves a hot meal to children and their families

The team started by helping hand out the “goodie bags” packed with nibbles and then it was all go for the next 5 hours cooking and serving sausage sizzles along with handing out water bottles. Hot food and water was also provided for the awesome team of event organisers, helpers and volunteers including SKY TV team.

RRT hand bags of goodies to children

Added to the non-stop entertainment on stage there was also an Ambulance, Fire Truck and a Police Car onsite with emergency personal present to talk to children and answer questions. The highlight for most children attending would have to be Santa’s huge toy cave. RRT helpers were involved in helping children select their presents. A lot of smiles and happy kids!

Ambulance, Fire Engine and Police car arrive and officers talk to children and answer questions A bus fill of toys, heading for Santas toy cave!

After an exhausting day and a lot of hard work there was the clean and pack up afterwards. Reading a thank you letter from one of the children attending made it all worthwhile;

One of the RRT guys remarked “it was excellent to be part of a large team of people from all over the country doing something to make a small difference in peoples lives”.

No doubt all the RRT members who were involved will be looking forward to doing it all again next year.

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