At 7:30am Saturday morning a team of 9 RRT volunteers set up the RRT trailer and marquee, marked out the walking track, set up other marquees and tents for the Cancer Society Relay for Life event.

At lunchtime the catering team set up and prepared a 5:15pm meal for around 70 cancer survivors and their families and carers. The RRT team served up BBQ beef, vegie kebabs, corn on the cob, other vegetables and a salad.

This was followed by a dessert of mini pavlova with cranberry sauce and chocolate shards. About 30 to 40 walkers came along and were also served, a big effort that went down very well!

The ladies added extras like tablecloths, flowers and color coded ribbons and serviettes (yellow CS colours) which they really appreciated and commented on.

Feedback from the Cancer Society and also members of the public there on the day appreciated the example of teamwork displayed by the RRT.

Some people asked about donating to the RRT. As it was an event to raise funds for the  Cancer Society the RRT requested all donations should be directed to the Cancer Society instead.

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