Saturday 3rd October 2015 started with a very pleasant day with plenty of sunshine. Tiraumea Road Hill was going to be a place of activity and a gathering point for those supporting and participating in the annual Tararua Trolley Derby. This event is to raise money for the St Johns Ambulance, Health Shuttle and Youth programs.

Pahiatua RRT set up to raise funds for local Saint Johns and other community groups.

The local Lions and Rotary Clubs organized the event and the Pahiatua Rapid Relief Team provided a sausage sizzle for a gold coin and free water to those who braved the sun to watch and participate in the event. RRT contacted the local supermarket who provided sausages, bread and even chopped the onions to save a few tears on the day.

Sizzling sausages served to participants of the Trolley Derby Event

The Trolley participants raised money by getting local businesses to sponsor their carts. The trolleys did a variety of races down the hill. One team thought that his day was over when he ran over a sign and the bottom of his cart dropped out. After a few running repairs he was back in the game to take out second place. Another cart had to be pushed down the hill due to having flat tyres. Once this problem was rectified it rolled a little easier and made it to the end on its own. Two local farmers voluntarily provided their time and quad bikes to tow the carts to the top of the hill.

Carts are hauled back to the top of the hill to begin the race again

The Pahiatua Primary School also had activities that children could pay and have fun.

St Johns Health Shuttle is a free service for the community that transports people to Palmerston North for essential medical and health related appointments that people wouldn’t normally be able to transport themselves for, and brings them home again. The St Johns ambulance has to do with approx. 400,000 people every year whether it be treating them or transporting them. They have 600 operational vehicles, 205 stations and attend to 330,000 emergency incidents annually. St Johns youth programs train New Zealanders in First Aid, Healthcare, Leadership and Life Skills.

Saint Johns Ambulance provides transport service to Palmerston North for local residents.

The whole event raised just over $2000 dollars for the St Johns. All and all the day was a success and attracted a crowd of 100 plus people to support the worthy services that St Johns provide.

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