What a Challenge!

9am Saturday morning – 7th August 2106, freezing southerly winds blowing, with a dose of rain thrown in for good measure, welcomed the Tough Guy and Gal competition held at Camp Wainui – 30 mins from the capital city of NZ – Wellington.

This event was officially named by the organisers as the toughest one so far in NZ – 4.0 degrees with snow on surrounding hills! Not for the faint hearted!

Two days’ prior, the Junior Event had been held here too, with similarly challenging conditions!

Set up and BBQ ready to race!


This fundraising event is for Cure Kids, a great charity that funds research for cures and treatments for kids in need of medical help.  RRT are pleased to be involved in this worthy cause for the 2nd year running.

This Tough Guy + Gal competition is a 6km race consisting of mud pits that suck off your shoes, hills so steep you need a rope to get up, low hanging electrical wires plus a final river crossing to wash off the mud.

From 8.30am onwards a steady stream of keen competitors arrived.  All ages and stages, attire was varied – things were looking somewhat interesting!!

RRT were in full swing, tents erected, BBQ’s burning and 100’s of sausages underway.

The pressure is on, keep those sausages sizzling.

At 10:30am the starters horn sounded and off they went – 2000 keen competitors (little did they know what lay ahead), 800 Juniors and 1200 Adults.

45 minutes later the first competitors emerged from the river crossing, covered head to toe in mud but still able to show a grin.

Mud galore!

Once everyone had showered and changed clothing for something slightly more comfortable – the hot sausage rush started!

The RRT team were struggling to keep up with everyone wanting a hot sausage and bread combo, supplied by RRT with all proceeds going to Cure Kids.

Ready for the rush to begin…

What a great 2 days had by the Juniors and Adults.  The events finished at 1:30pm and the clean-up began.

Overall RRT gave away 300 bottles of water and sold over 700 sausages and bread, raising over $1500.  No better way to spend a Saturday knowing all funds are helping kids in need.

A hot meal served by RRT was much appreciated!

Thanks to Cure Kids for being able to help out with this event, to Event Promotions for running a smooth operation and to RRT management for providing water, food, BBQ’s and keen volunteers.

We look forward to the next event!


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