Saturday the 10th of October was the Little Elms Ride in a Truck Day. An event eagerly looked forward to by many small children and some bigger ones too!

Little Elms Charitable Trust (previously known as Trucking for HB Child Cancer Charitable Trust), owns and manages the Little Elms complex in Orchard Road, Hastings, New Zealand.  The complex consists of six motel-type Chalets, a three bedroom Holiday house and an Administration building.  The Chalets provide accommodation for families of patients at the nearby Hawke’s Bay Hospital so they can be close by to provide support, particularly if the patient is a child.

RRT supports the Little Elms event raising funds to support those fighting cancer.

Families of child cancer patients from around the country are able to use the holiday house to have some much needed ‘time out’ from the rounds of tests and treatment that otherwise rule their lives. Various community and health related groups use the facilities in the administration building for meetings and training sessions.

Ride in a Truck Day is when a group of dedicated transport operators and drivers get together for the biennial event to raise funds for local child care health. Children have the opportunity to go for a ride in a big rig and a number of trucks are on display to be admired.

RRT had two large trailers onsite to assist with cooking the food.

RRT was pleased to have the opportunity to support the event this year.

RRT supports the Little Elm’s event

It was brilliant weather and there was a great turn out of support. More than 5000 people attended the event during the day.

RRT coordinated all the food requirements with all sales revenue going to the Little Elms Trust. Around 60 RRT volunteers cooked sausages, flipped burger patties, deep fried sacks of chips, made candy floss and served all this along with cold drinks!

The RRT Team served hot chips, hamburgers and sausages

Others helped load and unload children who were having rides in big rigs.

Best of all RRT was able to pass onto the Trust over $10,000 from the food sales.

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