RRT Auckland were actively looking for an event in their area to support when we found the “Tough Junior Guy and Gal” event which is held by Events Promotions at the Woodhill Events Centre on James Mackie Rd.

Cure Kids are the Official Charity for the EnviroWaste Junior Tough Guy and Gal Challenge. Cure Kids is a wonderful organisation with a very driven focus to raise funds so that vital medical research can continue in order to find cures for sick kids.

We couldn’t have called at a more opportune time as Cure Kids didn’t have the resource this year to manage a sausage sizzle that they had done the previous year at the same event. Cure Kids were delighted for RRT to come on board and provide food and facilities for this grilling event.

This event helps the children to have a sense that they are reaching out to others in their age group that are suffering from serious illness. As Cure Kids put it “Tough Kids” helping “Sick Kids”. There was also an additional estimated 200 proud parents and spectators, so a lot mouths to feed on the day! The race was divided into three stages Ankle Biters 1.5km Course, Little Nippers 3km Course, Big Rascals 3km Course.

At 9.00 am there were few customers as streams of excited and nervous children turned up with their parents to register for the race. The race began at 10.00am with a lot of hype and background music. The atmosphere was pumping! The races were all over within an hour and half. A lot of muddy, sweaty, kids returned and headed straight to the onsite showers.

All sausages and drinks were priced at $2. It became very busy for the RRT team, but satisfying to see all cash going directly to Cure Kids!

After a hectic hour and a half we had sold between 800 – 900 sausages, plus drinks! What a great experience, interacting with the kids and their parents whilst filling them up with our delicious sausages. Brendon Pongia of Cure Kids was there on the day and presented our Regional Team Leader Mr Simon Boakes with a gift on stage.

The RRT have now begun a relationship with Cure Kids and we are all looking forward to being a partner in future events and assisting them to raise funds for further medical research. This was a brilliant event enjoyed by all!

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