Record beaten! – Friday June 24th 2016, the new Confluence area of Lyon held the 6th “Challenge against Hunger” event. There were more than 650 employees who having been sponsored by their companies, walked, ran and danced alongside the Saône river. The day had two sessions: the first one from 12:30am to 2:00pm and the second one from 5:00pm to 6:30pm.

At daybreak, the event organisers ‘Action against Hunger’, were already setting up the “Village” – their check-in stands, and the barriers which secured the kilometre-long path. The logistic team of RRT (Rapid Relief Team) arrived at 9am to install the “Refreshment Stand” which was located mid-track, with fresh water, cereal bars and fruits.

Upon their arrival the participants first checked in before joining their colleagues for a photo in memory of this act of kindness towards humanity. Then guided by sport professionals, a warm-up session took place on the lawn where the Zumba was held during the day.

A few minutes before starting time, the honorary chairman M. Benoît Miribel congratulated everyone present for their committal towards Ending Hunger in the world. This tragedy currently kills one person every ten seconds. There were hundreds of participants who ran the track in 32°C heat (90°F).

Just before arriving at the lap line, they enjoyed a few refreshing seconds under the mist generator installed for this purpose.

A few metres away, about fifteen RRT volunteers kept encouraging them and distributing the provisions supplied freely by the grocery shop Super U.

Thousands of fresh water bottles including 2000 supplied by RRT, were handed to the walkers and runners to quench their thirst, allowing them to continue on in determination!!

Despite the strong heat, no incident was reported to the first aid team present, to the great relief of the organisers. What a surprise for them when the results were announced! €120,203 raised during the day. An amazing achievement considering that the same race last year raised €36,000!

The RRT received a warm commendation from the organisers of the event;

Quel plaisir de travailler avec des équipes comme vous tous !

Un grand professionnalisme et un bel état d’esprit.

A très vite !

Translation: What a pleasure to work with teams like you all! Great professionalism and a beautiful mindset. See you again very soon!

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