Clothesline has been a national movement in Canada since 1985. An organisation run by the Canadian Diabetes Association, the Clothesline program works by recycling clothing. This effective method of fundraising diverts clothing from landfills and one hundred percent of the proceeds directly support the Canadian Diabetes Association and world-leading diabetes research, education and advocacy.

When we donate to the CDA Clothesline program, everyone wins! Donors can feel good knowing their donations are going to a worthwhile cause and that reusable items are recycled which has a positive effect on the environment.

In February 2015 the RRT in Canada supported the Clothesline program and ran a large clothing drive in many major centers across the country. Drives were held in cities such as Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver and Winnipeg, and regional areas in provinces such as Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. With almost 10,000 lbs of clothing collected this event was very successful!

Following is a table of the amounts collected by each RRT organisation across Canada.

Vancouver/Abbotsford207 bags1150 pounds


105 bags1826 pounds
Regina/Oxbow/Maple Creek81 bags1235 pounds
Galt62 bags1178 pounds
Woodstock35 bags665 pounds
Toronto34 bags646 pounds
Calgary/Edmonton32 bags450 pounds
London19 bags361 pounds
St Catherines15 bags285 pounds
Hamilton13 bags260 pounds
Montreal13 bags247 pounds
Perth10 bags190 pounds
Kingston6 bags114 pounds
TOTAL671 bags9335 lbs (4234 kg)

Members of RRT in each region across Canada coordinated each aspect of this event from the collecting of the clothes from various locations, weighing the clothing to delivering final collections to designated CDA warehouse locations.

RRT would like to thank the CDA clothesline program for their willingness to work with us on this important event and we look forward to helping the Clothesline program again in the future!

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