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Since the Molesworth fires near Hobart last year, a number of dedicated and committed personnel have come forward to join the RRT teams in Tasmania, wanting to do their bit to help emergency services if ever the need arises.  The RRT State Team Leader decided ask permission from Head Office to organise a training day to train new volunteers and to enable the experienced volunteers to work  with the new recruits.  Head Office promptly approved the event as training is key to safety and to successful, efficient operations.

On 5th July 2014 Volunteers from six Tasmanian RRT teams came together for a volunteer training day at Deloraine. Local volunteers kindly decided to donate the food leaving RRT with almost no expense.There were 40 new Volunteers, all had completed the volunteer agreement, the Work Health & Safety and the Food Handling courses provided by RRT. This is an RRT requirement before any volunteer is included in  RRT events.  Using the recently delivered RRT trailer and equipment, a typical catering facility was set up replicating an event.

As per a typical event, the day started with an event induction and job allocations, followed by the normal procedures for equipment set up, food preparation, cooking, serving, clean up and set down. The menu was hamburgers, sausages and salad, which was well received by all. It was a fun way to work  together and familiarise the teams with procedures and equipment. It also is a great way to thank volunteers you willingly give up their time and energy to support RRT.  Volunteers were greatly encouraged and their confidence inspired.

According to the Southern Australia seasonal Bushfire outlook 2013-14 Normal fire potential is expected for the lead up to summer in Tasmania, except for small areas in the Derwent Valley and the mid-east Coast, both of which are currently drier than usual. The volunteers were anxious to be prepared and trained before the bushfire season begins.

The day was a complete success, and all volunteers were given all the necessary information and the first hand training to ensure any future emergency or proactive event  runs as smoothly as possible. There is nothing like hands on experience.

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