Looking back to January 2013 to date, there has been a staggering amount of man hours and meals supplied via RRT to numerous events across the nation. We thought it good to share some of these statistics as it is inspirational and a strong encouragement to press on!

Total number of man hours given has been 23,648 and meals supplied 48,614. There have been a good mix of both ‘Reactive’ and ‘Proactive’ events attended, briefly summarised below;


  1. 27 fires ranging from widespread community fires to localised factory fires & explosions
  2. Floods in Qld and a mini tornado in Hornsby
  3. Other smaller events such as the ‘Wentworth Falls Drowning’,  ‘Leura Bushwalker Rescue’, ‘Albury Truck Accident’, ‘Plane Crash in Lawson NSW’ etc.


  1. 4 Choirs performed at Nursing Homes and the like
  2. Specific events such as ‘Colour Me Rad (ACRF)’, ‘Parramatta Mission’, ‘Granville Youth Week’, ‘Volunteer Expo – Hills Shire Council’ etc.

Research is continually being made on behalf of State Team Leaders and Local Team Leaders in their own specific regions as to how RRT could possibly support Proactive Events. Perhaps not the adrenalin rush of the ‘Reactive’ scenario but more the back-bone and purpose of RRT.

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