WOW, what a weekend! 752 walkers participated in the Weekend to End Women’s Cancer event, collectively raising a massive 2.3 MILLION DOLLARS for the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research!

The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers™ benefiting Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, is a ‘Weekend’ every walker will never forget and one that RRT will certainly not forget either.

It’s a weekend to remember those lives we have lost to cancer and a weekend to celebrate the lives we are saving. Proceeds from The weekend will enable Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research to advance its ground-breaking cancer research.

Harry Perkins Institute will be able to fund innovative new research projects, looking for the genetic clues to help prevent and treat cancers. As Western Australia’s premier adult medical research institute, the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research is on a mission to be a world leader in medical research. They are driven by the knowledge that outstanding local medical research will accelerate the delivery of the latest breakthroughs to Western Australians and result in improved health of the community.

Since 2014, The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers has raised over $4 million for the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, and is Western Australia’s largest multi-day walk for women’s cancers.

This 2016 event was on the 2nd & 3rd of April with a walk of 30 km on each day a total of 60km! Each day required a high level of endurance and perseverance, a lot of sweat and tears but every step was a step for a better future, a step up in research, a step up in breakthroughs so that future generations don’t have to endure what others have endured!

Now how could we help make these walkers task easier? RRT had just the remedy! RRT gathered together a group of 47 volunteers and put together a meal at the end of the 1st day that would prepare the walkers for another gruelling walk on the 2nd Day. The meal was served buffet style at 4.30pm and ran through to 6.30pm, this consisted of a full roast meal.

We managed to process 800 roast meals within 2 hours – a credit to our vigilant volunteers on the day!

The roast meal was then topped off by a generous helping of Cheesecake, berries and ice-cream which was passed around to all the exhausted walkers. A meal with all the ingredients to make you thrive and revive!

RRT’s job was over for this event but the walkers powered through another 30km the next day, a great credit to their dedication towards making everyone’s lives better. They deserve a big THANKS from us all!

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