Well what a wonderful day for RRT (Rapid Relief Team) to be included in on, the Relay for Life’s 60th year of trying to find a cure to cancer, so we can one day live in a cancer free world. Families and friends with survivors and lost loved ones were all there to walk, run, skip or jog for 24 hours. One team was called happy feet, not sure how happy their feet would have been after 24 hours of walking. Their feet may not be, but hopefully the participants will be very happy after going over all their cherished moments of their loved ones for 24 hours. And of course enjoying RRT’s lovely fresh hamburgers.

The event was held at Claremont Show Grounds on the 5th of May 2018, the sun was nice and warm and the skies were blue – such a beautiful day for an awesome event.

RRT were pleased to donate the food and drinks and the certified volunteers – Plymouth Brethren Members, cooked the delicious gourmet hamburgers for lunch served at 11am till 3:30pm. We had gluten free options, which made one participant very happy as there was no other gluten free food for sale at the event;

“This is so awesome, I can’t believe it”. Another lovely participant said to us “A very organised set up, it’s awesome”.

The participants were required to donate a minimum of $5 for a hamburger and drink, some happy givers said keep the change or gave an extra few dollars on top of the required $5 and some even paid $50 for a hamburger and drink – they were worth it. One man came rushing over because he heard how good they were and that we were closing soon and didn’t want to miss out. We also cooked vegetarian burgers which were very popular – these were cooked on demand, but the participants were happy to wait. One participants said “$5 is too cheap, here is some more money”.

All donations went to Relay for Life, which was an amazing $1250 reached. When the treasurer for Relay for Life received the donations she said “Oh wow, how awesome, we will definitely ask you next year to come and help out, they were so nice and very fresh and that made all the difference”.

We had some happy water boys running out to the track with our RRT water bottles, these were received very gladly.

The stage was done up beautifully, where speeches were made and magical performances were performed. The speeches brought tears to the eyes and the performances were truly amazing.

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