“Headspace” is a valuable outreach facility for the youth aged 12 – 25 who could be experiencing hard times, and doing it tough.

It is part of the Australian Department of Health providing early intervention services to young people under the National Youth Mental Health Foundation.  This year, “Headspace” was celebrating the end of exams in Bendigo with an afternoon filled with activities, games, music, hot food and snacks – underlying it all with the assurance that should anyone be experiencing anxiety, depression, feelings of panic or even thoughts of suicide help is readily at hand, from “Headspace”.  This event is known as “Pens Down”.

Headspace approached RRT and asked if we could support the event by supplying food and volunteers for the afternoon.  Buses were lined up to bring senior students straight from school to the beautiful Library Gardens in the Bendigo CBD.  We provided sausages in bread with onion and sauces and bottles of water.

Unfortunately, deteriorating weather, strong cold wind and rain made this event almost a wash-out!  The day before had been a scorcher…. who would have guessed!  Our warm sausages definitely comforted the few who braved the weather and attended this event as originally planned.

Spring weather in the country is one the most unpredictable things. Thankfully, establishments like Headspace and RRT can always be counted on when times of need are upon us.


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