Wesley Mission Brisbane (WMB) is a leading charitable organisation that has been supporting the Queensland community for more than 100 years, and Queensland’s various Rapid Relief Teams enjoy the opportunity to assist them with their many events to support those in need throughout the year.

One area where the WMB is active is in organising programs across four Gold Coast City Council operated youth hubs including: Thrower House at Palm Beach, Upper Coomera Youth Centre, Coomera Youth Centre and Runaway Bay Youth Centre.

These hubs provide a haven for children that come from families that are struggling, and allow them to access to counsellors, carers and after school care, as well as help young people aged between 12-17 years with their homework, resumes, driving theory and social activities. These organisations are a fantastic evidence of the support and care offered to the youth of today’s society.

The Gold Coast City Council and WMB work together each year to host their own Mini Olympics during the winter school holidays at Salk Oval, Palm Beach for young people to participate in a broad range of activities and competitions. The 2015 Winter Olympics commenced with a Hub Parade showcasing each group’s colours and war cries followed by a game of Bounce Ball, a Dance Off and novelty races. Prizes were also awarded at the end of the day to the best dressed, best war cry, best cheerleading and best sports person.

This is a great opportunity for these children to participate as a team and show off their athletic skills, as well as developing other talents such as leadership, design, musical, and creative skills in the preparation for the big day.

Events on the day included the good old favourites such as egg and spoon races, sack races, and relays around the velodrome. There were timed events such as the Blow up slippery dip – up the steps and down the slide as fast as you can, and ball skills events.

The noise was incredible coming from the teams encouraging their team mates to go faster!

Halfway through the day RRT provided a delicious hamburger for the competitors and supervisors with apples, grapes, and watermelon for 2nd course.  Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cans and bottled water were available to refresh the participants.

RRT was glad to help out with providing lunch to all these happy children, and one commented they thought they were only going to get a sausage in bread.

The final scores for the day showed that Upper Coomera (the green team) had won, but as all those who attended will agree, everyone had an unforgettable day!

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