A cold winters night on the street in Penrith, Western Sydney, is far from the comfort that most enjoy. There are some less fortunate people who have little more to warm them than their swag or the clothes on their back. Thankfully there is a glimmer of comfort for these people in the regular food and service provided by Paying It Forward Homelessness Services and a handful of other local charities.

On Sunday night 5th of July 2015, Penrith RRT supported the Paying It Forward team by assisting them cook a hot meal for a number of homeless and under privileged people, as they have done in the past. At 6.45pm a small team of 4 RRT personnel arrived on site with the RRT trailer and set up to serve a hot tasty meal of sausages, onion and assorted salads, followed by sweets.

To add some cheer to the air a live RRT band came along as well. What a change this made to the normal hum drum noises of street life in down town Penrith! The band of young RRT members, ranging from 15-17 years of age, played some hearty tunes while a group of 30-40 homeless gathered to enjoy the music, eat and take a break before returning to the cold night.

Penrith RRT has been assisting Paying It Forward Homelessness Services on a regular basis for nearly 12 months. The Paying It Forward Team was founded by Gen Jagt, a local Penrith resident, who saw a need in the community and set up a proactive organization with her husband, Rob, and a team of loyal volunteers. They are now providing meals, clothing and a range of other items to homeless in Penrith. Their work is often unseen. RRT is committed to continue supporting them in their worthy and honourable cause.

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