On Friday the 6th November, Sydney’s 2UE radio and Channel 7 TV stations joined forces with an on-air pledge to raise funds for Westmead Children Hospital’s 20th anniversary, Bandaged Bear Radiothon.

Since moving to Westmead in 1995, the Hospital has become the largest paediatric centre in NSW, providing world-class care for children from around Australia and across the Pacific Rim.

Every day the Hospital treats hundreds of sick and injured children. Sadly, for some of these children, there is no known cure for their illness, but thanks to advancements in research, better treatments and prevention are getting closer every day. Funding this research is a necessity to make these cures a reality.

The 2 stations broadcasted live from the hospital, whilst staff, patrons and their families enjoyed a host of entertainment and activities throughout the day, including breakfast and lunch provided by the RRT.

After setting up at 5:30am, the team provided 110 bacon and egg rolls for staff members, followed by 1100 chicken fillet rolls to staff, patients and their families at lunchtime.

Highlights of the day included a display of classic DeLorean “Gullwing” cars, evoking memories of the Back to the Future trilogy, along with a visit from a Batman impersonator complete with Batmobile!

Other notable visitors included Captain Starlight from the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and a variety of sportspeople ranging from footballers to cricketers.

Another highlight was the Ride for Grace raising funds for the Grace Centre for Newborn Care. Five exercise bikes were ridden continuously for 24 hours by teams of volunteers, including RRT members.

During the day, a number of very generous donations were received from various organizations, including amounts in excess of $100k from Seven Hills-Toongabbie RSL Club and Western Earthmoving.

All told, the Radiothon raised $1.5m, twice as much as last year’s effort. This will help fund staff, equipment, education and technology for the Hospital.

Congratulations to all involved!

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