Mentis Assist is a not-for-profit, non-government, Community Managed Mental Health Service, supporting adults with severe and enduring mental illness and psychiatric disabilities living in the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula areas.

Mentis Assist helps these people to recognise their values, strengths and goals. The organisation emphasises improving health and wellbeing, independence, social participation and meaningful relationships with family and significant others.

From 4th – 10th October is the Mental Health Week.  During this week Mentis Assist was involved in a number of programs to create a better awareness of both mental health issues and the services available to assist those suffering from such diseases.

Mentis raising awareness in Mornington

On Wednesday 7th October, down the bustling Main St of Mornington, a bustling community 50 km from Melbourne, VIC, and Mentis were busily at work. Lyn Love, the Mentis Program Manager and her team had enlisted the help of a juggler and the RRT to help them reach out to the community to raise awareness as to mental health issues. Whilst the juggler juggled balls, clubs, hats and even RRT water bottles, members of the Berwick and Warragul RRT teams provided free sausages with onion and bread and water to passers-by.  This gave the Mentis volunteers the opportunity to reach out and engage with the public.

The team: Mentis representatives, RRT volunteers and the Juggler!

By all accounts, the partnership of Mentis and RRT at Mornington was a huge success: 410 sausages and 250 bottles of water distributed and many hundreds of people more informed about the critical issue of mental health.

A fantastic opportunity to raise awareness for this issue and interact with the local community

As Lyn summed it up “we had such a brilliant day with the RRT guys and are so appreciative of the support provided.  I don’t believe that we would have had such a successful day without that support and look forward to working with you all again in the future.”

Thanks Lyn, we look forward to helping the Mentis team again in the future!!

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