RRT was approached by Cadet Games coordinators to see if they were willing to provide lunch for all those attending the PCYC Cadet Games.

The Games are a celebration of cadet skills and strengths across many departments and disciplines.

Saturday the 9th of July was the big day the cadets had been looking forward to, and provided the ultimate test of skill, teamwork and camaraderie.

The following cadets were included at the games and were between the age of 13 and 17 years;

  • PCYC Emergency Services Cadets
  • Australian Air Force Cadets
  • Australian Army Cadets
  • Australian Navy Cadets
  • Military Cadets
  • Rural Fire Cadets
  • Saint John Ambulance Cadets
  • Surf Life Saving Queensland

In preparation, the cadets had been increasing their skills in the following areas;

  • Radio Communications and Operations
  • First Aid
  • Map reading and navigation
  • Knots
  • Stretcher handling
  • Sandbagging strategies
  • Marching/Parade

The energy was high, dust was flying and the clipboards were out in force for a full day of friendly competition.

This high level of physical and mental effort was the perfect recipe to create large appetites. This is where RRT stepped in and cooked up 336 mouth-watering hamburgers and received many comments like “Thanks very much, that feed was beautiful” and “Wow, you have cheese as well”.

The games were not about perfect command of equipment or skills but more about innovative thinking, teamwork, camaraderie, respect and mutual appreciation of all emergency and defense services.

The level of skill, teamwork, dedication and flexible thinking demonstrated on the day was exceptional, with all judges agreeing that cadets are a motivating force in themselves.

The cadets learnt valuable skills which they can use in everyday life and are grateful for the opportunity to compete in the games.

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